2014 – 2015 Programs at Springs School, East Hampton NY

 Yoga and Wellness program curriculum consists of:

5 weeks in Fall and Spring for grades k-4.

Bi-weekly classes,

  1.  yoga/movement in the gym,
  2.  classroom learning anatomy, physiology, and nutrition.

The Yoga and Nutrition program will improve well-being of Springs School students and teachers by infusing the basic practices of yoga, mindfulness and balanced nutrition. Yoga and nutrition promote health, well being, focus and self esteem, all of which enhance classroom performance and provides life skills. Programs that enhance students’ concentration, well-being and confidence are essential to their academic success.  They improve motivation to attend school and perform well, and build character and confidence and a positive self-image. The skills acquired also address widespread challenges among today’s youth such as obesity, substance abuse, ADD and other psychological disorders, and focus and provide outlets for kids’ physical energy.

Springs School has been in operation since the early 1900s and has served an ever changing community. In recent decades the school population has increased and diversified greatly and is now 68% minority, mostly Hispanic, an underserved population in a resort community. Springs is the “bedroom community” of East Hampton’s resort economy, has none of the Town’s high-wealth or commercial property, and as a result has the highest school taxes and lowest per capita student expenditure of the East Hampton’s five independent school districts. Because of the extreme budget pressure and the recent State 2% cap on property tax increases, the school has had to focus on meeting State academic standards at the expense of arts and enrichment programs, hence the need for outside funding for programs such as this.

Springs physical education and health programs are shifting toward an integrated wellness approach. AMLF programs will amplify existing classes. AMLF has met with school administrators who are enthusiastic about adding these programs into the PE and Health curriculum. In coming weeks we will meet with the teachers.

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