The Raven, by Kevin Zamora

Before the flame and the warmth of the sun, the Earth was a cold and awful place. Everything was cold and iced, the feeling of the touching the snow would send chill down my back. One day my people choose to send an animal to the heaven to ask for the fire and the warmth of the sun. I was chosen by my people to go to the heavens and retreat the flame. My journey was a long tiring flight. Once I arrived it was a beautiful place with flowers and roses, this was the first I have felt the warmth of sun, it felt astonishing how the rays of the sun felt. I was giving a magical pole to bring escort back to earth. On my way down the pole was heating up and soon became fire. I was entrusted by my people to bring the flame back to earth. The fire wrapped around me but I was not going to let go and let my people down. I crash landed and before my eyes closed I saw snow melting and the sun rising. When I woke up I saw my beautiful feather burned to ash. My voice changed to an awful deep chirp. Through all the pain, I saw my people happy feeling the warmth of the sun. My people celebrated and were thankful and grateful.

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