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The Anna Mirabai Lytton Foundation was established to honor the memory of an extraordinary young woman and her passionate interests in the creative arts and wellness. Her life came to an untimely end at the age of fourteen on June 15, 2013.

The Anna Mirabai Lytton Foundation will encourage young people to, as she did, manifest their creativity in the arts and become whole healthy people through wellness and nutrition. Anna excelled in academics, but it was her immersion in photography, painting and drawing, poetry and writing, and film from which she derived her greatest joy.

AMLF is an operating foundation and does not accept unsolicited grant proposals. It focuses on enriching local school and community programs in the areas of wellness, nutrition and arts education. The Foundation’s broad definition of the arts includes visual arts (such as drawing, painting, photography, and conceptual), literary arts (such as poetry, novels and short stories, and comic/graphic novels), and performing arts (such as music, theatre, dance, operas, magic, and film). Wellness is an integrated view of the many aspects of life that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, to the formation of a balanced whole human being who functions well in society and has a deep grounding in the spirit. The Foundation will promote integrative activities such as nutrition, yoga, movement, and mindfulness.

The Foundation’s mission can encompass a broad range of activities, including fostering the creative talents of individual children, establishing and supporting innovative classroom activities, and inducing institutional change, with special reference to public schools.  Preference will be given to activities involving diverse and underprivileged populations.

The Anna Mirabai Lytton Foundation was incorporated in New York State in the summer of 2013, applying to the IRS for Federal non-profit status in October 2013.  The Foundation received its IRS 501(c)(3) approval  in March 2014.

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