Board of Trustees

As board members it is our aim to give back to all who loved Anna Lytton, who taught and guided her, and to offer to other kids the activities she so loved.  The current AMLF board members are:

Kate Rabinowitz, President


Anna Mirabai’s mother, Kate has taught yoga for thirty years. She graduated from the Natural Gourmet cooking school in New York. She has studied and taught art since she was a teenager. Between a Quaker upbringing and Buddhist studies she has a wide contemplative practice, and has traveled much of the world, with a special attraction to Asia. Kate instilled many of Anna’s interests and exposed her to the tools of self-exploration she so enjoyed, and which directly inspire the programs of AMLF.

Rameshwar Das, Vice-President/Secretary


Anna’s father, Ramesh, is a photographer and teacher, environmentalist and spiritual practitioner. His interests also influenced his children.  Ramesh uses photography as a creative medium to bring awareness to the environment. His love for his children, and Anna’s death, drive a commitment to help other children express themselves.  The work of the Anna MIrabai Lytton Foundation has helped transform a great loss into an offering .

Irene Tully, Treasurer


Irene was James’ and Anna’s fifth grade teacher at the Springs School.  She was also a founding mentor for the Ross School in East Hampton. Irene said of Anna’s passing, “We have been robbed.”

Married to a commercial fisherman, the late Bill Tully, Irene has lived on the East End since 1966. As a teacher for thirty-five years, twenty-five of them in the public schools, Irene charmed and challenged kids and gave them tools and goals. She got teachers and students to think and work out of the box. Irene’s infectious love of art and poetry inspired generations of children. Some are now schoolteachers in their own right. Every child who passed through her classroom remembers her.

Despite her alleged retirement in 2012, Irene is active with a dozen local art and education non-profits. She is a consummate networker and a constant inspiration.  AMLF is privileged to have her aboard.

James Dhruva Lytton, Board Member


Anna Mirabai’s brother James was sixteen when Anna died. He is now in college at Skidmore in upstate New York.  His passion for the outdoors is leading him into environmental science.  James and Anna were very close. Growing up with her informed his way of being with people and caring to make every day the best possible.  James contributes his ideas and feedback about the needs of young people to the Foundation.

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