Maui Art Bag Project

2023 Maui Art Bags – Donate Now

This benefit will fund Maui Art Bags, a project to send art supplies to children on Maui devastated by the fires.

Art Bags started during Covid in the Springs School District where I taught for 25 years. The school closed and kids were on remote learning. Teachers and I packed bags with sketch pads, construction paper, scissors, glue, markers, crayons, watercolor paints and brushes, colored pencils, ruler, drawing paper, pencils and sharpener, scissors, erasers, and an activity book. School bus drivers delivered art supplies to 250 families.

I moved to Maui after retiring. I was deeply impressed with Hawaiian art and culture and how they’re revered as a source of resilience and strength.

After this year’s catastrophic fires I knew art could be a way to help these kids to regain some sense of normalcy. Many have lost homes, schools and community centers and are living in shelters or hotels with few possessions or outlets for expression.

Art can be effective therapy to cope with trauma and stress. Providing art materials in the Maui Art Bags will help these children access and heal their traumatic memories and emotions. Creativity in a safe environment can build understanding and guide them to express and release their emotions.

Next spring, Phase 2 of the Maui Arts Bag project will exhibit some of the kids’ artwork here on the East End, with proceeds to further support art education on Maui.

Thanks for helping!

Colleen McGowan
Former Springs art teacher

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