Jocelyn Gonzalez

Jocelyn Gonzalez

Fear spread like spilled water on people, the fear of the unknown future that he was telling, we chose then the option of change … change the air for water and legs for a tail, and leave the earth through the depths of the ocean but still coming back to admire where our home was.

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Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan

I’ve made a huge mistake. I feel the cold water slowly capturing my feet under the ground.  I try to escape but the water is too fast. I use every last bit of my strength to climb the tallest trees and the tallest mountains. I finally reach the top, exhausted. I look up into the

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Poetry & Photography 2016 – See How You Feel

Poetry & photography workshop presented at The Nature Conservancy Warhol Preserve, Montauk NY Fifth grade students from Springs School, East Hampton NY explored the extraordinary shoreline environment of Montauk. They documented their experience with poems, sketches and photos. Thanks to : Paul D’Andrea, Nature Conservancy Steward who introduced the geology and natural habitat Anna Mirabai

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Poetry – Books 2016

Poet, artist and bookbinder extraordinaire, Megan Chaskey, worked with Coleen McGowan’s 3rd grade art students at Springs School in East Hampton, NY. They created hand-made books of their original poems. Megan guided students with poetry instruction and showed them how to handprint their words with rubber stamps, then assembled their books with accordion folding or hand sewn binding.  Cover materials

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