Food For Thought – Making Healthy Snacks 2018

At Springs School (East Hampton NY), Susan Blacklocke presented a dynamic nutrition unit in 5th  grade Health classes. In this particular module students learn how to make healthy snacks. They also learn the importance of reading a food label and the process of branding, packaging and distributing food products.

This video features:
Springs School 5th Graders, East Hampton NY
Joey Colavito, Health & Phys Ed Teacher
Susan Blacklocke, Nutrition Instructor
Erika Haberkorn, Assistant
Kate Rabinowitz, Program Director

Yoga in the Gym 2017-2018

At Springs School, Sag Harbor Middle School, East Hampton and Pierson High Schools a yoga curriculum has been brought into gym classes by Heather Hartstein.  Classes include yoga postures, instruction on anatomy and physiology, mindfulness of breath. Early on in the yoga practice students learn to use it for concentration and relaxation. They’re encouraged to start a home practice – to make yoga a wellness tool for the rest of their lives.

Food for Thought – Nutrition 2017

At the Springs School, Susan Blacklocke presented a dynamic nutrition unit in 4th  and  5th  grade Health classes. There were three sessions for each grade. 

  1. The plant based food pyramid introducing the essential nutrients in whole foods. Students learned the advantages of local, healthy, sustainable, organic food.  They discussed how foods affect their health, and learned how to  steam vegetables, season cooked beans, make brown rice or grain and a sauce with herbs , sunflower seeds, olive oil and garlic.  The kids ate a complete balanced meal and learned the importance of chewing for digestion and assimilation.
  2. Next was a lesson on how to make healthy smoothies. The class made a shake with cacao, avocado, maple syrup, vanilla  and coconut water.  Kids were stimulated to talk about what they like for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a discussion about how to make healthy choices.
  3. This lesson was about how to read food labels. On the practical side,  kids made power bars with their own choice of ingredients, including oats, seeds, dates ,raisins, cranberries, coconut, cinnamon or cacao powder. They divided into teams to design a label for their product, and put it on the container, each student having one to proudly bear home.

Yoga – Winter 2016

Yoga instructors, Ashlynn Manning, Linda Muse and Jenna Minardi, taught a series of yoga classes to over 1200 students from K-8 grade at Springs School, East Hampton NY.  Meghan Cereola, the Physical Education instructor supervised this series. Yoga games helped her students focus their attention and improve their kinetic awareness.   The students also learned breathing and relaxation techniques for stress management.

Food For Thought 2016

Food for Thought is an Anna Mirabai Lytton Foundation wellness education program made possible by a grant from The Balm Foundation. Meghan Cereola’s 5th and 6th grade health classes at Springs Elementary School (East Hampton NY) learned how to make healthy snacks with nutrition experts, Susan Blacklocke and Kate Rabinowitz. They used seeds, dried fruit, cacao powder and local honey to make homemade power bars.  They created original labels and packaged their snacks using environmentally friendly containers.

Inner Resilience at Springs School

November saw an introduction to mindfulness at a teachers enrichment day at Springs School. Liz Slade, a teacher from Larchmont, NY who has been actively training for some years with the Inner Resilience Program of New York, gave two introductory sessions to thirty interested Springs teachers. She spoke of the benefits of mindfulness and other social-emotional learning techniques to help kids (and adults!) manage stress and focus more completely. The teachers were enthusiastic and discussions to extend the program to classrooms are in the works.

Time for Teens

In October nine teens and two counselors spent a long weekend on Martha’s Vineyard. All of them have experienced recent loss in their lives and the weekend was a way to explore grief and loss in a supportive environment with peers. The weekend was organized and led by Laraine Gordon (at right in photo), founder of Time for Teens. The group shared experiences and worked together through a beautiful weekend including some fun. They stayed at a home lent by the Rabinowitz family, built by Anna Mirabai’s grandparents. The weekend was underwritten by a grant from the Foundation. Time for Teens, ( can be reached by email at or contact Laraine Gordon at .

Springs Yoga Classes Begin in P.E.

In November Springs School announced the start of yoga classes as part of Physical Education on its web site ( :

“The Springs School Physical Education program launched yoga classes this week for grades kindergarten, second, third, fourth, and sixth. The yoga program is funded by the Anna Lytton Foundation for Arts and Wellness. A certified yoga instructor, Linda Muse, will teach yoga to P.E. classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next few weeks. “Students were engaged and had so much fun practicing different poses and learning about balance and relaxation,” said P.E. teacher John Foster.

Anna Lytton, a former Springs School student, was tragically killed two summers ago in a bicycling accident in East Hampton while riding to her summer job. To honor Anna’s passion for the arts, her family established the Anna M. Lytton Foundation for Arts and Wellness, to be dedicated to enriching arts and wellness for the young, including these classes at Springs School. Contributions may be addressed to the Anna M. Lytton Foundation, P.O. Box 625, Amagansett, NY 11930.”

Yoga Ed

On November 12th Anna Mirabai Lytton Foundation brought master teacher Robin Appel to lead a workshop at East Hampton High School. Robin specializes in yoga for young people and has developed wonderful techniques to involve kids through games and child friendly poses. Workshop participants were teachers from local schools and yoga teachers with an interest in helping kids toward self-care and improved esteem. Robin very generously contributed a day of her time and her heartful expertise to the Foundation. Teachers acquired new skills for bringing yoga into schools, either in existing gym and health classes or in after school programs.  Thank you, Robin!