2020 Springs School 6th Grade Photography Project

Laura Marino:

It’s amazing what happens when children get behind the camera, even with limited structure and resources, they have produced some fabulous works.  Our Photography unit began 3 weeks ago, It will continue throughout this week and next.  Students are using a mix of technology to photograph from chromebooks, to ipads, DSLR to point and shoot.  I do hope that next year we can continue to photograph together.

Click here to view the students’ work: 202006 Marino 6th Grade Photo

Abstract Expression for Middle School: Painting like de Kooning

A series of lessons on the art of Willem de Kooning, a Springs icon, by artist Janet Jennings, expanded students’ visual world as they learned about abstract composition, brushwork and line.  The students painted in color and in black and white, then photographed their paintings, and then reduced the photograph to an abstract composition within the original.  A representative sample of the pictures were reproduced and mounted on board for student art festivals at the local Guild Hall and the Parrish Art museums. 

Here’s a gallery of the students work:

See How You Feel: Photography 2017

In the Springs School art room, Colleen McGowen’s 6th grade class received four sessions each of learning the art of photography.  Built on the curriculum in the 5th grade, thanks to a grant from the Joy of Giving Something foundation, the students had some previous experience.  In the sessions this year, they were encouraged to work in partners, taking portraits of each other in certain scenarios, take still lifes in the classrooms, and landscapes in the outdoors.

Here is a gallery of their original photos:

See How You Feel – Quail Hill Farm

Photography project with a visit to Peconic Land Trust’s Quail Hill Farm

See How You Feel is a photography project to help young people inquire into the nature of seeing, stretch their point of view, and discover the emotion of creative experience. 5th graders from Springs School in East Hampton NY learned from professional photographers how to use cameras and experiment visually. The program concluded with a field shoot at an organic community farm. Students used up to date digital cameras thanks to a grant from the Joy of Giving Something Foundation.

Thanks to :

  • Scott Chaskey, Peconic Land Trust’ Quail Hill Farm Director, who introduced the community sponsored agriculture
  • Ellen Watson and Rameshwar Das, photographers, who developed the project lessons for the students
  • Walter Sanchez, photographer, who gave an exciting demonstration of aerial photography
  • Springs School 5th Grade teachers, Meghan Lydon, Tracey Frazier, Lindsay Thayer and Lucy Yardley who helped to record and compile the creative works.
  • Anna Mirabai Lytton Foundation Board Members Kate Rabinowitz, Rameshwar Das who guided the project

Poetry & Photography 2016

See How You Feel

Poetry & photography workshop presented at The Nature Conservancy Warhol Preserve, Montauk NY

Fifth grade students from Springs School, East Hampton NY explored the extraordinary shoreline environment of Montauk. They documented their experience with poems, sketches and photos.

Thanks to :

  • Paul D’Andrea, Nature Conservancy Steward who introduced the geology and natural habitat
  • Anna Mirabai Lytton Foundation Board Members Kate Rabinowitz,  Rameshwar Das and Irene Tully (retired Springs School teacher) who guided drawing, photography and writing exercises
  • Springs School 5th Grade teachers, Meghan Lydon, Tracey Frazier and Lindsay Thayer who helped to record and compile the creative works.

Long House Poetry and Photography Project

Long House Poetry/Photography Project with Springs 5th Grade, June 2014

In June 2014 through the efforts of board member Irene Tully, AMLF arranged for the Springs School fifth grades of Tracey Frazier and Lindsay Thayer to visit the Long House Reserve sculpture gardens. Students took photographs using  film cameras (a novelty in the digital age) and hand wrote observations and poems about their experience. Their writings and photographs will be posted at school in September. Here are some photographs of the day: