2023 Spring News

Dear Friends,

We hope you and your loved ones have thrived in these challenging times. Your support has enabled AMLF to bring creative art and wellness programs to help kids navigate their own way through stressful lives.

Anna Mirabai Lytton Foundation was running a full schedule of programs in photography, art, writing, yoga, nutrition and mindfulness in schools on the East End of Long Island. Then Covid closed schools. Enrichment programs were shelved. Academics went online. Teachers had their hands full just maintaining core curriculum. On our side AMLF found new ways to reach out and new partners with whom to collaborate.

Covid has been traumatic and an opportunity for schools, families and small non-profits like us to inter-relate in new ways. We all invented new ways to work, study and socialize. AMLF has expanded connections — with online programs like Kathy Eldon’s at Creative Visions, and hands-on inner-city work at LAYC in D.C. We created new after school programs like the portrait class with Nicole Parcher. Springs 6th grade’s collaboration with AMLF on their Martin Luther King project won a state award.

We haven’t thrown away previous efforts. Our “See How You Feel” photography program is up and running again. Students learn to connect and explore through photography. They learn composition and lighting skills, and to cultivate their own vision.

Seeing kids experience their innate creativity is inspiring! What we do sometimes seems like a drop in the bucket, but each child opens a new world. Thanks for helping that happen.

Kate Rabinowitz
Anna Mirabai Lytton Foundation

Spring 2020

Special Delivery Art

With schools closed, we arranged to send “Art Bags” of pencils, colored pens, paints, brushes, and paper to Springs School students for their online art classes. Instead of delivering kids to school, the bus drivers delivered Art Bags to their mailboxes!
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Rock your World

AMLF collaborated with Creative Visions Foundation in Los Angeles and its founder Kathy Eldon to support inner city creative arts projects.

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Fall 2020

East Hampton Portraits

Artist Nicole Parcher taught portrait painting after school in East Hampton with Project Most, a non-profit provider of enrichment programs.Other school programs were COVID-limited throughout 2020 and spring 2021. By summer 2021 we were able to engage young people again.

Summer 2021

Art Camp at The Church

With Marit Molan of Hamptons Outreach, AMLF brought art to an underserved and diverse group of kids at Eric Fischl and April Gornik’s new art center at the “Church” in Sag Harbor.

Fall 2021

Mindful Schools Training for Project Most

AMLF sponsored “Mindful Schools” training for the staff of Project Most,to help manage the emotional stresses and strains of the pandemic.

Springs MLK Social Justice Art Award

At Springs School, 6th grade with teacher Danielle Hamilton painted 12” canvases on social justice themes for middle school art classes. AMLF supplied materials, and Kate Rabinowitz and former Springs teacher Colleen McGowan assisted. New York State’s Education Dept. gave Springs an award.

Fall-Winter 2021/2022

Yoga Class

Heather Hartstein taught after school yoga to middle schoolers in East Hampton and Sag Harbor.

Moving Wall

A major Springs School building project was about to demolish a mural painted by friends of Anna Mirabai Lytton. With heroic help from school contractors and local builder Jose Moncayo, the entire wall was moved to the entrance of the school and the artwork restored by Anna’s mom.

Spring 2022

Local TV

East Hampton Public Access Local TV (LTV Channel 21) interviewed AMLF principals Kate Rabinowitz and Rameshwar Das.

Summer 2022

Latin American Youth Center

AMLF sponsored a photography workshop at LAYC, Washington DC, for at-risk teens. “Heart on Call” included creative videos and still life photography.
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Art Camp at The Church

AMLF sponsored a second summer of Art Camp at the Church with Hamptons Outreach.

Brentwood Strong Youth

Photographer Saskia Keeley created self-portraits and family documents with low self-worth teens. See the results for yourself!

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Fall-Winter 2022 /2023

“See How You Feel” Photography

Long-time portrait photographer Linda Alpern led middle-school photo workshops with Project Most at John Marshall and Springs Schools in East Hampton.

Shinnecock Boys & Girls Club Photography

Artist Jeremy Dennis, a native Shinnecock creator of mythic photo-collages, taught photography to kids at the Boys and Girls Club on the reservation in Southampton.

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