2019 Art Day at The Watermill Center

Springs School at The Watermill Center : a laboratory for the arts and humanities, Robert Wilson, Artistic Director
A creative collaboration with The Anna Mirabai Lytton Foundation

Seventy students rotated among a panoply of art workshops presented by a team of creative professionals and educators. The unique and inspiring Watermill Center – a laboratory of performance, galleries and grounds – was the perfect creative venue for the 6th Graders. Students took photographs, wrote poems, sketched in nature, shot video, wrote music, made sculptures, wove friendship bracelets and performed Maori poi dances. Then they had lunch!

Artists & their workshops

See how you feel Photography Workshop


  • Ruby Jackson

Ideas to Inspire Songwriting Workshop

Maori Poi Dancing

  • Susan Blacklocke
  • Erika Haberkorn

dance and t-shirt

Odes to Primitive Art

  • Irene Tully

Macramé weaving

  • Emily Watson

PainTIng & Drawing in Nature

  • Kate Rabinowitz
  • Jorie Latham

Shadow Drawing

  • Sara Faulkner

Video Storytelling

Springs School Staff & Teachers:

  • Debra winter, Superintendent
  • Eric Casale, Principal
  • George Rockwin
  • Danielle Hamilton
  • Laura Dunham
  • Laura Marino
  • Meghan Kelly
  • Raymond Wojtusiak
  • Alex DeHavenon
  • Benjamin Jones

The Watermill Center

  • Elka Rifkin, Watermill Center Director
  • Andrea Cote, Education Program Coordinator
  • Nixon Beltran, Center Manager
  • & staff

This program was in partnership with Springs School, East Hampton NY Sponsored by: The Anna Mirabai Lytton Foundation & Springs Elementary School

Video Production: Annemarie McCoy & Mike Lavin

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