Art Day at the Watermill Center

2017 Art Day at The Watermill Center

Creative collaborations with Springs Elementary School
at  The Watermill Center

Sixty students rotated among a panoply of art workshops presented by a team of creative professionals and educators. The unique and inspiring Watermill Center – a laboratory of performance, galleries and grounds – was the perfect creative venue for the 6th Graders. Students took photographs, wrote poems, sketched in nature, shot video, recorded music, made sculptures, wove friendship bracelets and performed Maori poi dances. Then they had lunch!

Workshops & Teachers

See how you feel Photography Workshop

Tree of Life Clay Sculpture

  • Judy Duboff

Ideas to Inspire Songwriting Workshop

Maori Poi Dancing

  • Susan Blacklocke

Odes to Primitive Art

  • Irene Tully

Macramé weaving

Sketching in Nature

  • Karen Blandon

Video Storytelling

Springs Elementary School 6th Grade teachers:

  • Danielle Hamilton
  • Laura Dunham
  • Rob Walker
  • Ray Wotuziack
  • Colleen McGowan, Art Teacher
  • Angelina Modica, Music Teacher
  • Ben Jones, Music Teacher

Robert Wilson & The Watermill Center

  • Elka Rifkin, Watermill Center Director
  • Andrea Cote, Education Program Coordinator
  • Nixon Beltran, Center Manager
  • Deb Verhoff, Librarian

Made possible by generous grants from
Joy of Giving Something & The Balm Foundation.

Photo credit: Ellen Watson

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